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Enhance Your Home's Value by 3.1% with NOVOS Fiber Internet

Enhance Your Home's Value by 3.1% with NOVOS Fiber Internet

Feb 19, 2024

Recent findings by the Fiber to the Home Council Americas (FTTH) highlight the substantial benefits of fiber internet connectivity, revealing that properties equipped with fiber connections could enjoy a valuation boost of up to 3.1%, equivalent to an increase of around $5,437 in property value. The availability of high-speed internet is becoming a pivotal factor for home buyers in their decision-making process, ranking alongside traditional home improvements in its potential to elevate property prices. In an era where enhancements like kitchen renovations, hardwood flooring, and professional landscaping captivate buyers, the introduction of fiber internet stands out as a modern upgrade that could significantly raise your home's market appeal and selling price.

The Necessity of Fiber in the Modern Home

In today's digital age, the demand for seamless internet access is at an all-time high, with the concept of smart homes rapidly gaining traction. Homeowners are increasingly seeking to integrate their living spaces into the "Internet of Things," enabling them to manage appliances and home systems remotely for enhanced convenience, security, and energy efficiency. Essential for powering smart devices such as video doorbells, programmable thermostats, and automated appliances, a robust and reliable internet connection has become a key component in increasing a home's value and appeal on the market.

Why Choose NOVOS FiBER Internet?

Speed: NOVOS FiBER's optic technology propels data transmission to speeds up to 125x times faster than traditional copper cables, ensuring swift connections for uploading content, browsing, and streaming.

Reliability: Engineered to withstand varied environmental conditions, NOVOS FiBER provides a consistently strong and reliable connection, unaffected by the challenges faced by other technologies or weather.

Security: With a direct, dedicated line, NOVOS FiBER ensures a secure internet experience by significantly reducing the risk of data breaches, thanks to its non-radiating cables.

Cost-Effectiveness: NOVOS FiBER offers the fastest fiber internet in Texas at a fair price, with plans starting at $60 per month for symmetric upload and download speeds of 300 Mbps, free from contracts, hidden charges, or taxes.

Is NOVOS FiBER Available for Your Home?

Connected communities are stronger communities. To help build them, NOVOS FiBER offers a faster, more reliable internet focused on you, the customer. To discover if your home is eligible for this game-changing connectivity and to experience the myriad benefits of fiber internet, visit our website to check service availability at your address. Embrace the future of home internet with NOVOS FiBER and unlock the full potential of your home.