You can't put a price on friendship but we can.

The friend zone isn't that bad.

Refer a friend and receive a $50 credit.

Guess what? Every time one of your pals signs up for NOVOS FiBER service thanks to your recommendation, you snag a cool $50 credit for your account! Keep those referrals coming because the more friends you bring on board, the bigger your savings grow. Plus, once your buddies are all set up, they can start raking in credits just like you. It's a win-win party!

How it works


Request your unique referral code by emailing:


Share your code - Text it, email it, Facebook it, share it with friends.


Your friends sign up for service using your unique code. (They simply add the code to the promo code section during checkout)


Once your friends’ service is activated, you earn a $50 credit.

Be a hero. End bad internet.

When you zip, they zip, we all zip