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Construction Process

Here’s what to expect when we start building the infrastructure for your neighborhood’s fiber network.

Construction Road Map

Utility Inspection

Before any construction begins, our team will mark areas that house underground utilities with flags and paint. If you’d like us to be privy to areas containing sprinkler lines, dog fences, and the like, you can head to your local hardware store and purchase white demarcation flags.

Step 2

Conduit Placement

The fiber strands powering your internet are housed in protective tubing underground, which is called a conduit. The construction team will place the conduit through a drilling technique called directional boring, which allows for minimum disturbances to the terrain’s surface.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our team will determine the least invasive path before any drilling begins.
  2. The operator drills a pilot hole that follows the preplanned path.
  3. Using a tool called a back reamer, the pilot hole is widened to the appropriate diameter.
  4. The machine operator will guide the conduit through the enlarged hole.
Step 3


After the conduits are placed, we will install an access hatch otherwise known as a flowerpot. Usually, the hatch is placed above ground, but our team will place your neighborhood’s flowerpots flush with the ground. No sights for sore eyes!

Step 4

Pulling fiber

Once the conduit and flowerpots have been placed, our construction team will start pulling the fibers through the conduit. Then, your home will be prepared for connectivity!

Step 5

Residential Installation

Now that your neighborhood is prepared for fiber internet, all that’s left is to connect your home. You can find more details on residential installation here.

Step 6


The final step in the construction process is the restoration phase. Our team should leave your yard looking like there was never any construction in the first place!

Restoration or other construction issues? Contact us at 1-800-776-6867.

Step 1

Check availability

Find out if NOVOS fiber is available in your area.